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Software applications are designed to be used on a wide range of platforms, but that is only made possible by performing adaptive maintenance. With customized software, you always need to be sure that your application will be able to adapt to changes in platforms and the introduction of new technologies. Thankfully, adaptive maintenance addresses this by modifying the software to fit in with new operating systems, third-party integrations, and even hardware. Continuous Integration involves regularly merging code changes into a shared repository. This practice ensures that code is constantly tested and integrated, reducing the risk of integration issues. Agile and Lean development share common principles, often emphasizing their similarities more than their differences.

To ensure quality, avoid rework and timely delivery, restaurant management may put a threshold on the maximum number of customers which they are going to cater to at any given point of time. As soon as the number of customers reaches this threshold limit, the restaurant is not going to accept any more orders/customers, which helps in optimizing productivity, quality of production, and your business as a whole. And it’s only meaningful when expressed in terms of a specific product (a good or a service, and often both at once) that meets the customer’s needs at a specific price at a specific time. Therefore, the first principle of Lean Thinking underscores the importance of understanding customers’ needs and quantifying the value inherent in the solutions delivered to them.


Even if you do not have concrete values, you should still calculate ROI for your projects using estimates and have a clear understanding of the impact it will have on your business. That being said, it is important not to overestimate the benefits and underestimate the costs of the project. You need to ensure that all your software development project capital is decided while staying within the defined budget. For this purpose, the resources must be allocated efficiently for maximum returns. For tangible benefits, you need to quantify the financial gains, such as increases in sales or savings. For intangible benefits, you need to identify other advantages that are not directly linked to your finances.

In those cases, it’s critical to conduct a careful analysis before proceeding. If you allocate two software engineers to customize a product for a new customer, you will delay the release of version 2.0 of the product by three months. For one, it’s not easy to get everyone on board with the idea of working faster and more efficiently.

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In tiny start-ups, it may be possible to coordinate activities through daily personal interaction. In larger ventures, proj​ect management or a bureaucracy can help somewhat with this, but only a strategy allows a leader to empower all employees while avoiding duplicative efforts and the pursuit of conflicting agendas. Another misstep is entering a large and growing market without analyzing whether the firm will be able to build a sustainable competitive advantage in it. Best Buy, Mattel’s line of Barbie dolls, eBay, and a slew of others entered China thinking that anyone could make money there—only to fail. It may be much wiser to pursue several smaller, less risky opportunities that together could create a successful long-term business. Rigorous strategic analysis can distinguish markets that promise enduring success from those that offer only the illusion of substantial, if immediate, returns.

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In fact, they often coexist and are referred to together as Lean-Agile. However, there are subtle distinctions between the two methodologies. Subsequently, the team collects feedback from consumers to understand their preferences, dislikes, and desired additions. The Lean principle of Eliminate Waste is often mistaken to mean “cut jobs,” “cut budgets,” and ultimately, destroy innovation. This is a misguided interpretation of what is actually an essential concept for growth and innovation. Keep reading to learn how each of these principles can guide your organization towards a stronger, more sustainable future.

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As long as your software is being used, it is always going to need improvements and fixes here and there. Here’s what you need to know about effective custom software maintenance. When a user encounters a bug in your software, it means it’s already too late to perform maintenance tasks and you have to resort to reactive fixes. Not only do reactive fixes cost more, but they are unplanned and mess up the entire schedule of development teams. Instead, the best practice is to implement plans for software maintenance beforehand. There is a reason so many businesses are investing in custom software.

You can combine the skills of two developers and avoid quality issues. The first and important principle in Lean development is eliminating anything that does not add value. In Short, Lean Agile can help save lots of waste and maximize product value. From cloud solutions and data engineering to programming languages and application frameworks, shopdev possesses all the right tools.

How to Manage Both Agile and Lean Projects Efficiently

Today, Buffer boasts over 1 million users on its social media management platform. This Lean principle is sometimes called “Respect for People” and is a principle that is often overlooked – at an unfortunate loss. The current level of burnout in software development is currently as high as 80% of developers, influenced in part by COVID-19, but also by overall workload levels.

what is lean development

Businesses are now expected to deliver top-notch services without sacrificing customer satisfaction. Thankfully, you can get customized software to suit your specific business needs and provide the best services in your niche. Agile methodology is used by software developers to make the process smooth and bug-free. The resulting software is more adaptable as it is less costly to change features and release new updates with Agile.

Deliberate strategy.

And in a sense, it’s actually creating the future for your organization, because the decisions you make during the product and process development period will affect your organization and your customers for years to come. If you are still looking for answers, contact shopdev for a free consultation. We are a leading custom software development company in Dubai with over 11 years of industry experience. Whatever your development needs are, we can provide you with tailored, customized solutions to meet your business needs. Hopefully, you’ve chosen the best custom software development company in Dubai for your business by now.

what is lean development

Different types of businesses require different kinds of software to achieve maximum benefits. This means that the ways to calculate ROI for different types of businesses can vary depending on the goals, benefits, and costs involved. Regardless of the type of software you want for your company’s ecosystem, you need to determine whether it will be beneficial in the long run. Ideally, the software must work efficiently even when your business grows to new industry verticals.

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One of the main principles of LSD is to build just enough software to satisfy the users’ needs. This means starting with a small amount of functionality and then adding more features as users request what is lean development them. LSD is a philosophy that aims to help you achieve your goals faster by focusing on providing value as quickly as possible, and continuously refining your products based on feedback.

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