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PROVO, Utah (KUTV) — Provo was ranked eighth among the top 10 cities in the country for sober living, according to a recent study. Design For Recovery is committed to helping you or your loved one live a fulfilling life free from alcohol and drug addiction. Below you can find out what to expect when you contact us for help.

Running away from problems and circumstances is not a sustainable solution. But if you do feel like the next step to your long-term sobriety is a change of scenery, here are the seven most sober-friendly cities in the US. When it comes to minimizing temptation, Provo, Utah (No. 8; 71.76), is certainly one of the most sober places of the U.S. The largely Mormon city only has three bars for its 115,000 residents, contributing to its exceptionally low alcohol consumption rates. The home to Brigham Young University also has fewer overdose deaths than most U.S. cities. Despite a high cost of living, New York City ranks first on the list for healthcare, as well as sixth for happiness due to its many world-class restaurants, museums, parks, and theaters.

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There is no one-size-fits-all approach to rehabilitation, but some things are universally beneficial when assisting yourself or others in overcoming an addiction. For example, cities with accessible community services dedicated to sober living have fewer drug issues than cities without these resources. For this reason, we have decided to cover the best cities in the US for sober living. When it comes to limiting temptations, Provo, UT is the best city thanks to its few bars and low percentage of population that report drinking heavily. Indianapolis, IN ranks #1 for sobriety infrastructure and opportunity.

In fact, New York City has one of the world’s best and most effective recovery cultures. Taking the first step toward healing is a massive accomplishment. It’s a sign that you’re prepared to make a radical shift and begin a new era in your life. Even after finishing therapy, you’ll face a number of additional difficulties. You already know that maintaining sobriety is a difficult and time-consuming task. Having a helpful network and access to a variety of tools may significantly increase your chances of success.

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Harlem established more resources and community centers than any other city. Thanks to their Communities in Schools, they give kids in high school a unique program that gives them a safe and sober place to spend their time after school. Harrisburg scored well because of the number of social associations in the area that people can join to form a sense of community.

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