Cloud Computing Market Size, Share & Growth Report, 2030

These computing and storage services rely on shared servers which offer a high degree of scalability and continuity. Google Cloud Platform (GCP), part of Alphabet Inc, is the third largest cloud service provider globally, providing enterprise-ready cloud services. GCP enables developers to build, test, and deploy applications on its distributed and scalable infrastructure, while utilizing the service’s capabilities in security, data management, analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI). Tencent Cloud is a cloud computing service provided by Chinese social media giant Tencent. According to the company, Tencent cloud has numerous software developers from many different industries using it including Tencent’s own WeChat messaging application.

It helps businesses of all sizes manage and monitor their third-party applications and workflows in the cloud. Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) is a leading provider of cloud-based technology solutions, ranging from enterprise hardware and software to dedicated Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing, and edge computing solutions. IBM’s recent focus has been on its Watson AI initiative, alongside a number of AI, machine learning, and data analytics services, all of which are interpreted within its cloud platform. The customer-hosted ROSA option offers a powerful solution for hosting IBM MAS in a customer’s virtual private cloud (VPC) with ROSA. As a container application platform, ROSA enables seamless deployment, scaling and management of containerized applications, making it an ideal choice for a MAS deployment.

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To get there, we have put a lot of work into our cloud platform over the past 12 months, and we will continue to invest in innovation. With the battle between the hyperscale cloud vendors underway, you’d think that the legacy infrastructure players would recede to the background. Instead, the likes of IBM, Dell Technologies, and HPE aim to become the glue between multicloud deployments that feature a blend of private and public clouds as well as owned data centers. VMWare’s cloud computing services let companies do a variety of things, such as run, manage, connect and protect their applications on any cloud. They can also choose the best type of cloud for their needs and deploy a single operational and security model across clouds (both public and private).

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Cloud computing allows large businesses to automate routine tasks to be completed more quickly. Large firms are expected to increasingly utilize this technology to streamline processes, which will support the segment’s growth. Demand for cloud computing services will increase as large enterprises expand in developed and developing countries. Within the cloud service provider market, there is an important distinction to make for managed services providers like Rackspace. Managed services providers help enterprises migrate, architect, and deploy workloads to the public cloud.

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Technology Magazine focuses on technology news, key technology interviews, technology videos, the ‘Technology Podcast’ series along with an ever-expanding range of focused technology white papers and webinars. The IBM Cloud platform combines platform as a service (PaaS) with infrastructure as a service (IaaS) to provide an integrated experience. The platform scales and supports both small development teams and organizations, and large enterprise businesses.

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It operates virtual servers, data storage centers, networking and other cloud-powered data services. Nutanix is a cloud computing and virtualization service provider that offers an array of innovative solutions to businesses globally. It offers a cloud platform clients can use for computing and virtualization, and it is a leading player in hyper-converged infrastructure. With the growing cloud market worldwide, these US tech giants continue to outperform the rest of the market players and bring innovations through their cloud platforms, adding more efficient cloud services using AI.

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Subsequently, these managed services providers ‘manage’ the IT infrastructure for their customers across multiple environments, including public cloud, private cloud, and on-premises. Through this business model, the cloud service providers still remain as the ultimate owners and providers of IT infrastructure. Cloud computing, along with the top 10 cloud service providers offering these services, has significantly transformed the global IT infrastructure landscape. These public cloud service providers harness the inherent advantages of distributed cloud computing. This not only paves the way for the creation of innovative software applications and platforms but also enhances information security and privacy controls.

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“Ultimately, we’ll see a long-term acceleration of movement from businesses to digital services, including increased online work, education, medicine, shopping, and entertainment. These changes will be significant and lasting,” he said. The cheap and easy storyline is that Microsoft Azure and AWS are on a collision course to be the top cloud service provider. Microsoft Azure, along with Microsoft’s software-as-a-service effort and its footprint in enterprises, make the company a strong No. 2 to AWS. The biggest question is whether enterprises are going to worry about AWS’ dominance as a digital transformation enabler. For now, AWS is becoming everything from a key AI and machine learning platform to call center engine to edge compute enabler. ZDNET’s recommendations are based on many hours of testing, research, and comparison shopping.


As AI applications like ChatGPT gain more popularity, demand for cloud computing could grow further. Oracle Corporation’s Cloud Services offerings include Oracle Cloud Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). Through OCI, the company is a cloud service provider, delivering infrastructure technologies as-a-service including compute, storage, and networking services. Yet the more companies deploy workloads across multiple cloud service providers’ platforms, the more they’ll need a cloud cost intelligence platform that delivers easy-to-digest and actionable cost insights.

While the SaaS menu at Workday is decidedly more limited than what rivals SAP and Oracle offer, the company enjoys tighter focus. SAP is leveraging a neutral approach with partnerships with all the leading IaaS vendors while converting customers to its HANA platform. Cisco Systems has a bevy of multi-cloud products and applications, but the headliner is ACI, short for an architecture called Application Centric Infrastructure. CEO Arvind Krishna has said IBM’s big bets revolve around hybrid cloud, automation and AI. He has also said that the spin-off of the managed infrastructure unit will give IBM more focus. Alibaba’s cloud annual revenue run rate is nearly $10 billion exiting its most recent quarter.

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The public cloud depends on a network of third-party owned, shared, and remote servers to process, store, and manage data. That is, rather than local storage devices a single customer owns and controls, such as an on-premises data center or office computers. Businesses concerned about securing business secrets, customer data, and compliance information find this concerning.

The Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud is a platform companies can use to automate workflows and glean data insights. In the healthcare industry, for example, Collibra can help providers improve diagnostics and tailor care. Icertis is a cloud-based software management solution that helps companies manage contracts and improve compliance. Products include Icertis Contract Intelligence, which lets users proactively monitor contracts to ensure full compliance, improve governance, reduce cycle times and more. Acquia’s enterprise solutions include its Acquia Cloud Platform, which provides development tools, hosting services and enterprise-grade security. There’s also the Acquia Site Factory, which lets marketing teams manage multiple sites on a single dashboard.


Major industry players are expanding their AI offerings to encompass a broader range of applications, including construction. For example, Oracle introduced the Construction Intelligence Cloud Service, which leverages AI to analyze historical project data and provide tailored guidance to businesses. This reflects the industry’s commitment to enhancing project management processes through AI, contributing to the market’s overall growth. Given the growth in the third quarter, the trailing twelve month revenues of the cloud infrastructure services market reached $217 billion according to Synergy Research Group estimates. Alibaba Group primarily generates cloud computing revenue from enterprise customers based on the duration and usage of their services. The company’s Cloud Intelligence Group, which includes Alibaba Cloud, yielded $3.5 billion (RMB25,123 million) of revenue for the latest quarter, an increase of 4% year-over-year.

This collaboration equips customers with an industry-leading asset management system from IBM, supported by the scale, agility and cost-efficiency of AWS. Migrating to cloud helps organizations to drive the operational resiliency and reliability, at the same time keeping software up to date with minimal upgrade effort and infrastructure constraint. North America was the largest region in the AI in project management market in 2022, with a robust presence of established players. natural language processing in action The Asia-Pacific region is expected to be the fastest-growing region in the AI in project management market, as businesses across various sectors increasingly adopt AI for project management. In 2019, Microsoft invested $1 billion into OpenAI in the form of cash and credits for Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing platform. Given ChatGPT has experienced substantial demand since its launch, the company is reportedly looking to raise more capital at around a $30 billion valuation.


According to Gartner, global IT spending is forecasted to reach $4.7 trillion in 2023, a rise of 4.3% from 2022. Despite the uncertainty in the market due to economic disruption, the cloud computing industry continues to remain resilient. In 2023, the global end-user spending on public cloud services is estimated to grow by 20.7% from 2022-levels to $591.8 billion.

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