Choosing Board Meeting Tools

When selecting a board meeting tool, choose one that has a platform to facilitate board management. Ideally, it is designed to be compatible with desktop as well as tablet and mobile devices to ensure that all board members are able to access it at any time, from anywhere regardless of where they are or device. Ensure that it has a full set of features to support efficient governance and collaboration.

These tools allow board members to discuss and exchange information quickly. They offer secure messages, automated notifications and basic video conference. Other tools include a simplified meeting book as well as a repository for documents, and granular permissions that allow information sharing with specific audiences. Additionally, a number of these tools offer integrated revenue management tools that aggregate financial metrics within the platform, allowing better understanding and better decision-making.

Board software also permits you to take notes and track the attendance of your boardroom. Using these tools, you’ll manage the organization of your meetings and more time focused on the discussions that are most important. You can also set reminders for you and your fellow board members to accomplish certain tasks and mark them as complete after they have been completed.

Board members can also read and approve documents such as agreements, policies, contracts and more with the help of the approvals tool. You can find out more about the application for board members you are considering by scheduling a trial or demo with the vendor. This will allow you to gain a hands-on understanding of the product and determine whether it meets your company’s needs.

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